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About Us

Welcome to our little corner of the internet, a haven dedicated to the things that are truly important to us, whether it is rainy-day craft, cooking local and foraged food from scratch, or finding ways to lessen our impact on the environment.

Our friends and family have often commented on what a quiet, peaceful and calm life we lead; a couple who make time for simple pleasures – long weekend walks, days spent reading or making crafts, evenings spent in the kitchen; people who take time to consider both our own wellbeing, and that of the world around us.

We both have nine-to-five weekday jobs, but with our evenings, weekends and holidays we have gradually been dedicating more and more time to the things we know really matter to us.  This is the journey we want to document on our blog.

Join us in our amateur vegetable gardening adventures; our quest to document our walks and explorations; our desire to learn new art and craft skills; our experiments in the kitchen; and our transition towards a more sustainable and mindful life.

We are only at the start of our journey, but we hope we will inspire and encourage you to join the community we want to forge here, and follow our journey as it unfolds.

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